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A one-stop shop of content for Ahmadi Muslim Children.

Lots of books, videos, stories and other content for you to browse!


What is Atfal Corner?

Often parents are left wondering what content their children should be watching or reading that is helpful for them. This website aims to sign post parents towards videos, books, and other content for Ahmadi Muslim children on Jamaat platforms that children can watch and read. It also guides on the secular educational programmes and websites that are useful for Ahmadi Muslim children.


A selection of content for all ages.






Religious and secular content, we have both.

Check out the range of content we have on offer for all children.

For Younger Children

For children aged 10 or under, we have a great range of stories, books and videos.

For Older Children

For older children, we've carefully collected suitable content to help them grow.

Religious & Jama'at content

Atfal Corner signposts you towards the religious and Jama'at content on other platforms.

Secular educational content

This website also directs you to secular content that is appropriate for children on other platforms.


Online Atfal Shop

Majlis Atfalul Ahmadiyya is excited to announce the launch of the online Atfal Shop! Discover a variety of "Youth of Ahmadiyyat" merchandise, including Sweatshirts, Hoodies and T-Shirts.

Don't miss the selection of new books, such as "Parables of the Wise", and Salat Workbook, which are available to purchase, and more items coming soon.

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