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Hazrat Umme Ummaarah

by Nafisa Bashir

The Holy Prophet(sa) was bestowed with extremely devoted, selfless and passionate companions. They assisted their Master Muhammad(sa), defended him, protected him, followed him and above all loved him unconditionally. One such companion was Hazrat Umme Ummaarah(ra) who became the symbol of bravery and heroism for the generations to come.

This book is an attempt to commemorate the life of one of the bravest ladies in Islam. Hazrat Umme Ummaarah(ra) is known for protecting Prophet Muhammad(sa) in the Battle of Uhud and was immensely praised by the Holy Prophet(sa) for her unparalleled valour. She fought in all battles in the lifetime of the Holy Prophet(sa). After his death she took part in the battle of Yamama against the false claimant of prophethood. May Allah raise her status in Heaven, Aameen.