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Khalifatul-Masih III – Hazrat Mirza Nasir Ahmad

by Jama'at

Ancient scriptures prophesied that when the Messiah would appear his spiritual kingdom would pass onto his son and grandson. It was the birth of the eldest son of Hazrat Mirza Bashir-ud-Din Mahmud Ahmad(ra) – Hazrat Mirza Nasir Ahmad – and his election as the third Khalifah of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community that saw the fulfilment of this prophecy.

Hazrat Mirza Nasir Ahmad(rh) was elected as the third Khalifah in 1965. During his tenure of Khilafat the Community grew from strength to strength despite the ever growing storm of opposition.

This is a brief account of this holy individual in whose time the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community achieved many milestones, a blessed person who touched the hearts of millions around the world and who shall forever be remembered.